Our team develops Android and iTunes mobile apps. We have two type of developments; custom coding and business apps using our standard software features.  These Apps are called PWA (Progressive Web Apps)  Works on all platforms an are not located in the App stores.  Apps are stored on the users mobile device just like custom coded apps and have to be assigned to a user by downloading your app link.

A native mobile app is one that is installed directly on the smartphone and can work, in most cases, with no internet connectivity depending on the nature of the app.  A web app works via a web browser on the smartphone but requires either a cell signal or wi-fi to function.

The benefits of the native app are that it can work independently of the web, but most are pulling information or function from the web.  There is an aspect of “behind the scenes” in the native app that is presenting web content within the app itself sans browser.  The native app can work much faster by harnessing the power of the processor. and can access specific hardware like GPS.  In some smartphones, the app can control devices and act as a controller itself.

The web app has the fortune of being used on various devices with the only requirement being a web browser and an internet connection.  As long as the web app is written for cross-browser compatibility then you’re a go.  The dilemma is that in contrast to the native app, it requires internet access and its operation speeds are dependent on the quality of cell signal or the speed of the wi-fi broadband you are connected to.  This also alludes to the fact that you have to be in the range of either connection.  You might not be able to use the web app inside of buildings or in lower level facilities.  One other issue is you won’t have access to internal hardware such as GPS and other connectivity.

So it comes down to whether you want to sacrifice function for ease of porting to various devices.

Both PWA and Native Apps support all mobile devices.  PWA apps also work on your Desktop and Computers.

  • Our App development process uses tools to detect and close security vulnerabilities and then we harden our applications against reverse engineering and tampering.
  • The code is the most vulnerable feature of any mobile application, which can be exploited easily by the hackers. Hence, we focus on writing a highly secure code.
  •  We develop our apps in such a way that all the data included in the app is encrypted.

Each chapter app comes with the following features.

  • About Chapter
  • Message Alerts
  • Alpha Links
  • News Ticker
  • Directory 
  • Events
  • Payment Integration 
  • Social Media Integration
  • Group Chat
  • Documents Feature
  • Voting Feature (Link to voting cloud service)
  • App Stores Download for Native Apps.

To create an Apple developer account, you will need to pay $99 USD/year

For Android developer account, you will need to pay $25 USD/ One-time

Yes.  You can include links from your website or any website you wish.  An example you can ad a link to National’s Website.

Through the CMS you can make all of these changes.  You will have full over the content in the app.

Unlimited Push Notifications.  In the included CMS(Content Management System) you will be able to compose push notifications and include links, photos, etc. We are currently working on including the ability to create messages in advance and placing them on a schedule.

We providing training through Skype to go over the CMS.  We also have a FAQ section in the CMS that answers most of the common questions.  We are also available via email or via phone from M-F 9am-5pm. We are also available for trading on Saturday by appointment only.

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